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This event is usually held in March.  This is our annual fundraiser for the year.  This event has moved from St. Eugene's Hall to the S.Y.B. hall on Hudson Dr. in Stow.

The event works like this:

bullet11 races (on video tape) run on a big screen at the front of the hall.  Often a 12th race is added and the horses are "auctioned off" to guest that night.  The tapes are chosen a random, so it's anybody's best guess as to which horse will win any given race...and that's where the fun begins.  All bets on the individual horses are $2.00 bets and are for WIN only.  If the horse that you bet on wins, the payout will vary determined by the number of others who also bet on that horse.  If you are the lucky sponsor of that winning horse, you get $50.00 and a trophy! 
bulletDuring the races, veggie trays/chips & pretzels are provided on the tables.  Beer & pop are available at the bar as well.  Guests are welcome to "BYOB" and many do bring their own mixers/drinks/appetizers/snack trays to munch on during the races. 
bulletRaffle tickets for all of the door prizes are sold and the winners are selected between races. 
bulletInstant Bingo tickets are available to purchase as well. 
bulletFollowing the races is a "late" buffet dinner, then a bit of music and dancing with a DJ.

Tickets are available for this event for pre-sale or at the door.