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Sample Race Page

Race Flyer

Program is given to all that details the races and advertisers.

Race page shows the sponsors of each horse ($20.00) and the sponsor of the race ($35.00) Race Flyer


Here is how the program is sold

Tickets to the Race
$12.00 per person
Sponsoring Horses ($20.00) & Sponsoring Races ($35.00)

Individuals sponsoring horses get to name the horse and have their name(s) listed in the program

Tickets ($12.00 per person)

Businesses sponsoring races are seen twice on the program page and mentioned at the start of the race.

Business Card Size Ads ($20.00)  Page Ads ($50.00) Full Page Ads ($100.00)

NOTE: A completed sales form must accompany every sold, ad, horse and ticket grouping

Be sure that all of the information is filled out according to the type of sale made.  Monies due may be collected
Make sure to add your name to each form you complete.

Business Card Size Ads - $20.00

Page Ads - $50.00

Full Page Ads - $100.00

at the time of the sale or they can be mailed to the YMCA,  Business cards (for artwork reproduction) do need to be collected at the time of sale.  Make sure that your name is on the form also.  Otherwise we will not know who to give credit for the sale.