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Cleveland Leather Co. 

2627 Lorain Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44113
Phone: 216-651-5404 (will accept phone orders and will ship to Cuyahoga Falls)

Itís the only retail leather craft store we know of in our approximate area. Itís located on the south side of Lorain Ave. and west a couple of blocks of the West Side Market (Ohio City/ Great Lakes Brewery area of downtown Cleveland.) Nearby trees hide the red and white sign. The store is wedged between two other old stores and sits back off the street with the dirt parking lot between the storefront and the street. It has the appearance more of an old warehouse than a retail store. Of course, this is fitting for the old fashioned look of Ohio City. With the preservation of this area and the old stores, this could be a secondary event outing for a tribe on a Saturday morning!

This appears to be an old Mom & Pop style store. (Donít believe they have a Website.)  Stores hours are unknown. They have a small black and white Indian Crafts catalog available.  Vests are advertised as genuine suede cowhide Ė soft, supple, water resistant and comfortable.

They offer two different types of Vest Kits:

1) - Pre-cut leather and pre-punched holes:

Youth size $17.00
Adult size $27.50
X-Large $32.50

(Should include all materials & instructions needed to assemble.)

2) Ė NOT pre-cut or pre-punched:

Youth size $10.95 (actual size # ?)
Adult size $16.95 (actual size # ?)
X-Large $18.95 (actual size # ?)

(Includes ONLY pattern, instructions, and lacing. YOU WILL ALSO NEED: lacing needle for sewing; sharp knife, single edge razor blade or heavy shears to cut leather; slitting or six way punch to make lacing holes in this vest.)

Lacing needle $0.15 ea. or $1.50 doz.
Slitting punch $2.50 (4 prong Ė 3/32" or 1/8") makes slit-type holes (4 at a time) in leather.
  Six-way punch $7.95 
Rotary punch with 6 various round hole punches