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Happy New Year and I hope everyone's holidays were great!! The New Year is full of wonderful opportunities to participate in the upcoming Longhouse activities. I also encourage each tribe to not only participate in the Longhouse events, but also schedule individual tribe events outside their monthly meetings.

On December 27th, we held our annual Roller Skating Outing at State 8 Rollerdome. Approximately 45 family members attended and had a great time. I don't know about anyone else, but I got through the evening without any blisters. It was nice to see so many of the new and younger fathers, sons and families in attendance. If anyone has any input on this event for next year, please feel free to contact me at anytime.

Our next main event is coming up on Thursday, January 17th at Lion's Lodge. This is our annual Longhouse banquet that is being sponsored by the Foxes tribe. This is a father and son event in which the boys receive their yearly awards. Doors open at 6:00 pm, and dinner will be served at 6:30 pm. I encourage ALL fathers and sons to wear their Indian Guides outfits to this event. Immediately after dinner, the boys will receive their awards and than there will be entertainment. We will also be kicking off our Annual Night at the Races Fundraiser that will take place in March. The cost for this event is $6.00 per person. I strongly encourage everyone to make the effort to attend this event because it kicks off the schedule for the New Year.

Our February event will be bowling sponsored by the Crooked River Tribe. This is father and son event in which a Scotch Doubles Format is used. It is very interesting to watch the boys have to throw a ball between his father's legs. Look for more information for the time and date of this event.

As mentioned before, on March 16th we are holding our annual Night at the Races fundraiser. This year, Gordon Tomlinson is the chairperson and will need ALL of our help in order for this fundraiser to be successful. The profits from this event help defray costs of programs and fund our Longhouse activities. I challenge ALL tribes to get involved.

Looking ahead, plan to attend the Gathering of Nations family campout that is held June 12th through 16th at River Run campground in Loudonville. If you are interested, I have information that I can pass on to you. If you would like to view pictures from past campouts, log on at More information will follow.

I would also like to thank Steve Reed for all of his efforts in maintaining our website ( All of the great pictures you see on our bulletin board at the Y, in the Newsletter and on the website are results of Steve's dedication. Next time you see Steve, please be sure to thank him.

See you at the banquet,

Your Chief
Big Wolf
Rob Reinhold