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Honor Beads Program

Police Station Visit

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The proud member of the Foxes Tribe is also one of Akron P.D.'s Finst.

Detective Steve Geiger.

Latest Honor Bead Event at the Cuyahoga Falls River Day Clean-up at Waterworks Park.

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Clean-up At the Akron Zoo

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Over the year, our boys will be given several opportunities to participate in community service projects.  The goal is giving back to the community and giving our boys a sense of pride in doing so.  We need to let the area know that our Indian Guides organization wants to make a difference!
    This is to be done on a strictly voluntary basis and is not a mandatory part of our Guides program.  Our hope is that the boys will be excited about helping others and excited about receiving a new Honor Bead for doing so.
    These community service projects will be announced on this site as times and dates for these events are established.  If you have an idea for a service event/opportunity, please contact me.  I am open to any suggestions that you may have as this program moves forward.
    We hope you will encourage your son to take part in this worthwhile program.

Check out the newsletter or upcoming events for future honor bead events.