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  1.  Cars from previous years can not be races again this year.  A new car must be made each year. (That's half of the fun of the event.)

  2. Once the car is signed in, the car will be places behind the roped-ff area (off-limits), and will only be handled by race officials.  Only the child is permitted to carry the car from there to the starting block - no exceptions.

  3. The track will be set up with trial runs using only designated "pace-cars."  These are cars that have raced in previous years.

  4. We will use only one person (to be chosen by Council and the sponsoring tribes) to start all the races to ensure consistent "start drops" and set-up cars at the starting line.  Any starts considered "unfair" will be re-run.

  5. Close attention will be paid to the nose of the car.  It must not go over the top of the starting pin at any point. (As diagramed in the specifications.)

Remember, the goal is to keep the races fair, fast and most of all fun!  Spend time with your son designing, building and finishing their car.  It's the memories and the car that are the real trophies you should want to bring home.